This is regarding the pervasive error "Unable to open switchtest device"
trying to test context-switch timings using 'switchtest' testsuite

Looking at the testsuite code, i found that
  - 'latency' (which can successfully operate the xeno_switchtest driver )
     uses rtdm_dev_xxx calls whereas
 - 'switchtest' application uses the posix 'open'/'close' system-calls
    for driver-interaction

Looking at ksrc/drivers/testing/switchtest.c, i found that there is no
of switchtest under linux-device-driver subsystem (even as a misc driver
like rtnet or rtheap do).
Thus, there doesnt seem to be a way through which a linux-process (non-RT
may access xeno_switchtest driver through /dev/rttest<x>
(or the new /dev/rttest-switchtst<x>

In case there is such a registration required, i would be more than willing
to contribute.

In case, the 'open' system-call is handled by one of the skins
 (i have native, posix,rtai and rtdm enabled in my kernel-config),
kindly point out the code and enlighten.

Thanks for running this awesome project and all the help/pointers.
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