I tried the new cmd_bits function today to use commands to write to a DIO 
device on my NI6259 board (thanks a lot, Alexis, for starting this!). 
Unfortunately, cmd_bits terminates with an error:

r...@unix> ./cmd_bits -v -s 2 0xffffffff 0xffffffff
cmd_bits: device analogy0 opened (fd=0)
cmd_bits: basic descriptor retrieved
         subdevices count = 14
         read subdevice index = 0
         write subdevice index = 1
cmd_bits: complex descriptor retrieved
cmd_bits: selected subdevice index = 2
cmd_bits: command successfully sent
cmd_bits: a4l_write failed (err=-2) (count=0)       
(I added a counter in the while loop in cmd_bits.c, and the error occurs 
immediately after the while loop is entered, i.e., count=0)

r...@unix> dmesg
[63462.716029] Analogy: a4l_write: idle subdevice

Any thoughts what may cause this error?

Best wishes,

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