Philippe Gerum wrote:
> On Mon, 2010-04-26 at 19:09 +0200, Gilles Chanteperdrix wrote: 
>> Jan Kiszka wrote:
>>> Jan Kiszka wrote:
>>>> The following changes since commit 
>>>> 113ea4d56e8b215cb56ae7673013163ea5a5987d:
>>>>   Gilles Chanteperdrix (1):
>>>>         switchtest: increase stack sizes
>>>> are available in the git repository at:
>>>>   git:// queues/proc
>>>> This series fixes some of the potential (but when they happen fatal)
>>>> overflows in our procfs outputs. Specifically, it fixes all issues in
>>>> RTDM (one of them hit us in the field) and the recently reported
>>>> overflow in /proc/xenomai/heap. Moreover, Wolfgang started the lengthy
>>>> conversion of the registry by introducing a new seq_file-based interface
>>>> and already moving the native skin over.
>>>> The future belongs to seq_file, so some of the patches are strictly
>>>> spoken not yet required. But we better start this effort before the last
>>>> legacy interface user was converted and the old interface is suddenly
>>>> dropped from the kernel. This may not be that far away. A patch of mine
>>>> to improve error reporting of the old interface was rejected with
>>>> "->read_proc is going to be removed, so there is no point."
>>> Did you already have a chance to look into this series?
>> Not yet, that is a big series. With a high potential for kernel crashes,
>> memory leaks and other things like that. I am trying to find a way to
>> test it. Maybe we can try and run it with kmemcheck?
> Looking at this series, I eventually made my mind about the kind of
> support I'd wish in this area. It boils down to:
> - getting rid of the PAGE_SIZE limitation on read as this series does,
> - reducing the impact on latency of large outputs,
> - hiding discrepancies between linux kernel
> releases, regarding the proper way to export kernel object states
> to userland (like the planned deprecation of read procs).
> - providing a common encapsulation to do that, which brings all the
> previous properties in a normalized way, and helps removing direct
> dependencies of other core code on PROC_FS
> - rebasing the registry support on top of this feature, so that skins
> are automatically feature-enabled when going through the registry to
> export stuff to userland (as they should).
> To this end, I came up with the so-called "virtual file" (aka vfile)
> support for the nucleus, and have toyed with those ideas here: 
> git:// queue/vfile
> This is still early work in progress, not all the codebase was converted
> to use the vfiles (registry and native API were), and I tested the
> result only in a very limited manner; so this is not for inclusion into
> 2.5.x given the amount of code that touches anyway. But I will likely
> submit this for inclusion at some point into any upcoming 2.6.x, if
> vfiles turn out to fit the job.

Looks good on first sight to simplify all our revision-based list walks
(and those that should better work like that). To make it a universal
abstraction for /proc/xenomai (or what ever it will be in the future), I
think just a bit more flexibility is required.

Specifically, we a way to modify the locking and data acquisition
strategy. We have nodes that do not require any locking at all but still
want to use the seq_file pattern. And we have some nodes that use
different locks, including Linux semaphores/mutexes. I think if you
allow to specify the lock to be used and its type (xnlock or Linux mutex
- BTW, a good chance to wrap away semaphores for legacy kernels), all
required use cases should be covered:
 - xnlock -> revision-based ahead-of-print data acquisition
 - Linux mutex -> simply hold the lock while printing
 - NULL -> provide lockless seq_file printing


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