Hi Sebastian,

On 05/18/2010 01:42 PM, Sebastian Smolorz wrote:
> Pavel Cheblakov wrote:
>> This is a general driver for cards based on PLX90xx PCI-bridges.
>> It supports following cards:
>>  - Adlink PCI-7841/cPCI-7841 card (http://www.adlinktech.com/)
>>  - Adlink PCI-7841/cPCI-7841 SE card
>>  - esd CAN-PCI/CPCI/PCI104/200 (http://www.esd.eu/)
>>  - esd CAN-PCI/PMC/266
>>  - esd CAN-PCIe/2000
>>  - Marathon CAN-bus-PCI card (http://www.marathon.ru/)
>>  - TEWS TECHNOLOGIES TPMC810 card (http://www.tews.com/)
> The esd cards mentioned above are supported by the RTCAN driver 
> xeno_can_esd_pci. Why do you propose a new driver instead of extending the 
> existing one?

For Socket-CAN, this driver is supposed to support all PLX PCI based
boards including the esd CAN PCI cards and also the IXXAT PCI board (not
yet done, though). The RTCAN driver xeno_can_esd_pci is a *dedicated*
driver for that card without generic support for the PLX PCI chips.
Extending it makes little sense. The question is if we want to drop
xeno_can_esd_pci and xeno_can_ixxat_pci.


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