Wolfgang Mauerer wrote:
>> On the one hand you make complicated code (which will be costly on low
>> end hardware) to avoid shutting interrupts around a few assignments, but
>> on the other hand you leave an architecture specific function pointer
>> call where we want a fast behaviour on average (remember, we do all this
>> to avoid a system call, which is only a few hundreds nanoseconds on your
>> big iron x86), and where we have a generic fast replacement. Sometimes,
>> I do not understand your logic.
> But using the same argument, you could get rid of Linux vsyscall based
> gettimeofday()...

I do not see your point, the Linux code does not go a long way to make
lockless code, it simply turns off interrupts around the gtod data
update, which is really reasonable given the size of the masking
section. The reading is lockless, the writing is not.


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