On Thu, Jun 03, 2010 at 04:09:38AM -0400, stephane ancelot wrote:
> Hi,
> tryied in v2.4.10 :
> I have opened a /dev/rtp7 pipe , and deleted it.
> if I launch again the same program, rt_pipe_open replies with -EBUSY ....

Can you describe the sequence how you are invoking 

If the following description applies to you then you discovered what we've 
before and there is no easy fix for that as far as I know.

1) create pipe with rt_pipe_open()
2) connect to it by opening /dev/rtp7 with open()
3) delete pipe with rt_pipe_delete() (for example by killing the Xenomai 
4) create same pipe again with rt_pipe_open() (for example by restarting the
   Xenomai application with /dev/rtp7 is still open)

--> rt_pipe_open() reports an error


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