GIT version control wrote:
> Module: xenomai-jki
> Branch: for-upstream
> Commit: 0352b068600bd4ef3172c8a42416badbcdad32ca
> URL:    
> Author: Jan Kiszka <>
> Date:   Wed Apr 28 15:08:11 2010 +0200
> native: Rework handling of pthread carrier thread
> This patch improves two pitfalls of libnative's interaction with
> underlying pthreads:
> First, it tries to detect double deletions (cancellations or joinings)
> of pthreads and report them via an error code. This reduces the risk to
> trigger a SIGSEGV accessing meanwhile released pthread objects. And
> second, it properly detaches joinable pthreads when they are deleted
> instead. This properly releases the pthread resources.

I really do not understand that. What is the point of creating a
joinable thread if you do not want to join it once it has been canceled?


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