Alexis Berlemont wrote:
> Hi Stefan,
> Stefan Schaal wrote:
> > Hi Alexis,
> > 
> >   I was just wondering whether the new "experimental" branch in your git 
> > repository is something that can be tried already.
> > 
> No. Not yet. This branch is aimed at temporarily holding the
> corrections I am trying to do for the cmd_bits issue. It needs quite a
> lot of work and I have not finished yet. 
> If you have a look at the commits in this branch, we will see many
> "(broken)".

I just rebased the experimental branch into the branch analogy. So,
starting from now, we should be able to properly use cmd_bits with a
clone of my git repository.

After having reworked the asynchronous buffer subsystem (and having
fixed some oops in the NI driver and in the new code), cmd_bits can
correctly communicate with the DIO subdevice. 

A command like "./cmd_bits 0xffff 0xffff" works on my
board. Unfortunately, I have not done the necessary to check the
digital output lines yet.

> > Best wishes,
> > 
> > -Stefan
> -- 
> Alexis.


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