Hello friends,

I am developing a project and I'm using two CAN. The Can one is working, but
the CAN 2 is not, i 'm recompile the kernel enabled the can 2, but I can not
make it work.
- I can print the frames in CAN 2, I get in the kernel log (dmesg) and the
frames are correct.
- CAN 2 works normally if I disable the CAN 1 and recompile the kernel.

In the "rtcan_raw.c" in function "void rtcan_rcv (struct rtcan_device * dev,
struct rtcan_skb * skb)" there is a verification "while (recv_listener! =
NULL) " and the problem is that the variable "recv_listener" is equal to
NULL . This variable comes from the function "static int
rtcan_mscan_interrupt (rtdm_irq_t irq_handle *)" (which is on file
rtcan_mscan.c) this function passes a struct as a parameter "dev = (struct
rtcan_device *) rtdm_irq_get_arg (irq_handle, void)" to "rtcan_rcv" and it
contains the recv_listener = dev-> recv_list.

Soon the CAN2 is working but there are some configuration issues in this

Can anyone help me with this problem?

Thank you.
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