Krzysztof Błaszkowski wrote:
> On Tue, 2010-08-17 at 15:27 +0200, Gilles Chanteperdrix wrote:
>> What are the contents of this linker script? I did not ask to compare
>> gcc with the same file on the target. I asked
>> to compare:
>> gcc (or if it is a linker script, the
>> it references)
>> with  /lib/
>> In other words: the libc used by the compiler with the libc used at
>> run-time, as my very first answer was asking.
> /usr/lib/ can't be compared with /lib/ is a linker script, so the sentence "or if it is a linker
script, the it references" applies.

Anyway, now we got to the bottom of it, ok, references
/lib/ But since you already made me spend one hour having you
understand the difference between the compiler libc and the one of the
root filesystem, I will not have be able to run your test before tonight.

In the mean-time, please run your test with Xenomai 2.5.4.


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