The following changes since commit 004f652d31d2e3b9b995850dbefcf12bc6dbd96d:
  Gilles Chanteperdrix (1):
        Fix typo in edaf1e2e54343b6e4bf5cf6ece9175ec0ab21cad

are available in the git repository at:

  ssh+git:// for-upstream

Philippe Gerum (16):
      powerpc: upgrade I-pipe support to
      nucleus: demote RPI boost upon linux-originated signal
      blackfin: upgrade I-pipe support to
      nucleus: requeue blocked non-periodic timers properly
      x86: upgrade I-pipe support to,
      arm: force enable preemptible switch support in SMP mode
      arm: enable VFP support in SMP
      arm: use rthal_processor_id() over non-linux contexts
      powerpc: resync thread switch code with mainline >= 2.6.32
      x86: increase SMP calibration value
      nucleus/sched: move locking to resume_rpi/suspend_rpi
      hal/generic: inline APC scheduling code
      nucleus, posix: use fast APC scheduling call
      nucleus/shadow: shorten the uninterruptible path to secondary mode
      nucleus/sched: prevent remote wakeup from triggering a debug assertion
      powerpc: upgrade I-pipe support to


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