I would like to make that next release of Xenomai, especially since the
fix for the I-pipe on x86_32 with grub2 has been available for some time
now, and has not yet been in a stable release.

So, I have a few minor questions:
- Wolfgang, Alexis, it seems we have a few warnings when compiling
rtcan/analogy tools with recent versions of gcc (4.4.1 from
codesourcery). You will find the logs here:
we are not in a hurry to fix this, so simply tell me if the fix is easy
or not.
- Alexis, from the mailing list discussions, you probably have some
commits ready in the analoty branch, would it be possible to have a pull
request for these?
- Jan, where are we with CLOCK_HOST_REALTIME, are the I-pipe ready?
Should I merge Wolfgang's patches, or the I-pipe/Xenomai interface has
changed following the discussions with Philippe?

Thanks in advance.


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