Jan Kiszka wrote:
> My key question is currently if and how much of this could be realized
> in 2.6. Could we drop in-kernel skins in that version? If not, what
> about disabling them by default, converting RTDM tasks to a
> kthread-based approach, and enabling tracing etc. only in that case?
> However, this might be a bit fragile unless we can establish
> compile-time or run-time requirements negotiation between Adeos and its
> users (Xenomai) about the stack model.

Just to clarify about 2.6. 2.6 is supposed to have a short-lived
"unstable" state, where we implement fixes for the few problems on the
2.5 branch which require breaking the ABI. So, removing kernel-space
threads for other skins than RTDM is not the plan. However, does it
really matter whether other skins than RTDM use kernel-space threads for
changing the way kernel-space threads stacks are allocated?


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