Am 07.11.2010 10:57, Gilles Chanteperdrix wrote:
> Jan Kiszka wrote:
>> Am 07.11.2010 09:31, Gilles Chanteperdrix wrote:
>>> Jan Kiszka wrote:
>>>>>> Anyway, after some thoughts, I think we are going to try and make the
>>>>>> current situation work instead of going back to the old way.
>>>>>> You can find the patch which attempts to do so here:
>>>>> Ack. At last, this addresses the real issues without asking for
>>>>> regression funkiness: fix the lack of barrier before testing XNSCHED in
>>>> Check the kernel, we actually need it on both sides. Wherever the final
>>>> barriers will be, we should leave a comment behind why they are there.
>>>> Could be picked up from kernel/smp.c.
>>> We have it on both sides: the non-local flags are modified while holding
>>> the nklock. Unlocking the nklock implies a barrier.
>> I think this does not work if nklock is used nested, ie. hold across
>> xnsched_set_resched and the next xnpod_schedule.
> Ok. There is a race here, even without nesting, we need a barrier before
> sending the IPI.
>>>> I do not understand the split logic - or some bits are simply not yet
>>>> migrated. XNHDEFER, XNSWLOCK, XNKCOUT are all local-only as well, no?
>>>> Then better put them in the _local_ status field, that's more consistent
>>>> (and would help if we once wanted to optimize their cache line usage).
>>> Maybe the naming is not good the. ->status is everything which is
>>> modified under nklock, ->lstatus is for XNINIRQ and XNHTICK which are
>>> modified without holding the nklock.
>> And this is not a good clustering IMHO as it makes no difference for a
>> local-only flag if it is protected by nklock or not (as long as IRQs are
>> off, of course). What makes a difference it the CPU using the related
>> field. If we group according to local and remote usage, less cache line
>> bouncing can be achieved (of both fields are also cache line aligned,
>> but that is a second step that only helps if the first is made).
> The two status are in the same cache line.

Which can (and likely should) be changed - if the fields are logically
separated first.


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