Hi Alexis,

   I was wondering whether you could help me with some information about CMD 
based data acquisition in analogy.
You might recall from previous emails with you, we are trying to implement high 
speed data DIO communication with a NI6259 board. We use the CMD structure to 
create a periodic task, that is clocked by a timer, to achieve the required 
communication speed. As we need to change the R/W polarity on some channels 
every 20-30 scans, we need essentially to find out when the data in the 
communication buffer are consumed, such that we change polarity and trigger the 
next set of acquisitions. Currently, working with the MMAP options seems to be 
the best way of handling this.

   I just had some questions concerning how to detect when the data are 
consumed. It appears that the periodic task is automatically canceled when a 
"DMA underun" is discovered (as can be checked with dmesg). Is this automatic 
canceling behavior the officially correct behavior?

  I can use a4l_poll to find out how much data is left in the communication 
buffer --- I noticed that it returns -EPIPE when the data buffer has been 
consumed, which also seems to indicate that the periodic task has been 
canceled. (So for, the -EPIPE return code is not documented in Analogy).

  I am running your latest Analogy branch.

  I was just wondering whether my observations are correct, and that it makes 
sense to develop more communication code by using this behavior of Analogy.

Best wishes, and Happy Holidays!


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