Jan Kiszka wrote:
> Am 05.01.2011 21:25, Gilles Chanteperdrix wrote:
>> Jan Kiszka wrote:
>>> Am 03.01.2011 11:32, Wolfgang Grandegger wrote:
>>>> Hi Gilles,
>>>> the attached patch fixes the issue.
>>> Nothing critical, but I think we should consistently wrap the other way
>>> around
>>> #define platform_device of_device
>>> #endif
>>> and update the users to the new style.
>> Err... Am I missing the obvious here? If you include
>> <linux/platform_device.h> on powerpc you then get a massive mess prior
>> to 2.6.36.
> Maybe this is an exception, don't know the powerpc details, but
> generally our drivers should be written according to latest (supported)
> kernel APIs and then extended/wrapped/etc. to compile with older
> versions as well.

platform_device has existed for a long time in the 2.6 series: the
matching between platform_device and platform_driver is the hack which
replaces enumeration USB and PCI bus provide on embedded systems busses.

Some platforms introduced of_device to handle another kind of
enumeration: the device tree.

Now, it seems the member which were specific to of_device migrated to
the platform_device structure, so, the of_device structure was cancelled
completely, and replaced by platform_device all over the place.

At least, is it my understanding.

Now, we can typedef device_tree_device to be of_device on old kernels,
and platform_device on new kernels, but using of_device for this does
not seem stupid either.


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