in reply to the CfP for this year's Real-Time Linux Workshop, Richard
raised the question of another co-located Xenomai User Meeting [1].
Given that the last meeting was already in 2009 and we all appear to be
fairly busy, but more in the "background", it might indeed be worth
taking this chance and exchange experiences and plans again.

Before starting any kind of organizational activity (or committing
oneself to related tasks), this is first of all a call for opinions on
this from potential participants. Who would like to attend? What are
topics you like to contribute to or hear about?

>From the top of my head, I already have one topic in mind that might be
worth discussing: scalability on multicore (no, not only on big x86
irons :) ).


[1] http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.linux.kernel.adeos.general/1737

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