Dear all,

For my work, I had to develop drivers for the 6052 and 6701 boards from 
National Instruments. These boards are already supported by the Comedi 
drivers but were not supported by Xenomai yet. So, I took the code from 
Comedi and adapt it to Xenomai with the analogy layer (a4l* functions and 
so on). It introduces two new drivers : analogy_ni_670x and 

At this time, the driver compiles and loads correctly. I will have the 
hardware in ten days to test the code and make sure it works from a 
functional point of view.

In order to contribute to Xenomai, I would like to know if this code could 
be integrated in Xenomai repository. In particular, what are the 
conditions to integrate third-party code and especially driver code. Then, 
if it seems interesting for you, I will submit a patch as soon as I 
checked that it works correctly with the physical boards.

Thanks for any suggestion,

Best regards,

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