Hi Alexis,

  thanks so much for the new feature! I will try it and report back. 

In the last months, I actually did run some comparisons between Comedi and 
Analogy, and in all cases found that your Analogy implementation performs 
exactly the same as Comedi, actually, for CMD-based streaming, I noticed 
shorter latencies in Analogy. I also couldn't find any Comedi functionality 
(for our problems) that was missing in Analogy. Thus, for our work, there may 
simply be an issue that the communication protocol we are porting from vxWorks 
may not easily be implemented with our NI6259 board using either Comedi or 
Analogy, and we are considering to change the protocol with the help of some 
intermediate electronics. After all is working, I will email the method of 
solution to the xenomai-core list.

But I am eager to check your new functions. 

Best wishes,


On May 12, 2011, at 15:52, Alexis Berlemont wrote:

> Hi Stefan, 
> A few months ago, you asked me whether it was possible to prevent the
> OS from waking up your process each time a few bytes were
> acquired. You came with the idea to implement a wake-up threshold below
> which the user space process is kept in sleep state.
> A few days ago, I updated my experimental branch: two new user-space
> functions were added: a4l_set_wakesize() and
> a4l_get_wakesize(). Thanks to them, you will be able to configure the
> wished behaviour.
> I hope this will help you.
> -- 
> Alexis.

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