On 05/13/2011 03:25 AM, arethe rtai wrote:
> HI all:
>        I always got null while I request a shared memory through RTAI
> skins in the user space.
>        Some bugs maybe exist in the sub-system. I traced the execution
> stream of rt_shm_alloc, and found the mmap() operation always return
> -22. I suspect the problem should be same while we use other skins,
> because the mmap operation is implemented in /ksrc/nucleus/heap.c.
>        Is there anyone encountered this problem?

This is the third time you post this incomplete report. See:

If you want to receive an answer. Because in xenomai 2.5 branch, each
process maps a shared memory when starting. So, if shared memory were
not working, no xenomai process would work, not even the latency test.


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