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The European Space Agency started a program called SOCIS. It aims at 
supporting free-software projects by providing funds to students that are 
willing to contribute to free-software projects. It works like the summer 
of code : mentoring organization subscribe to the program and propose 
projects. Then, the SOCIS committee selects the projects that are 
accepted. Finally, students apply to the selected projects, the mentoring 
organization choose the students for each project and the student has to 
complete the project in some weeks. Finally, if the projects is 
successfully finished, the student receives money. It is a nice way to 
improve free software and help some student !

As a Xenomai user, I was wondering if the project would like to apply to 
SOCIS. I think Xenomai developers may have several ideas of projects for 
students. I contacted Gilles Chanteperdrix to inform him about the 
initiative, he told me to post on this list because more people could be 

You can have more information about the program on . Subscription deadline is 
next Friday so that if you want to apply, you have to do that quickly. If 
you have any question regarding the program, do not hesitate to post on 
the SOCIS mailing list or to contact me.

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