Dear all,

Please find a patch for the support of ni660x and ni670x in the analogy layer.
The driver works fine and I tested it. I enclosed test programs with
my mail. The test program for the 660x use the counters and the one
for the 670x board use the analogy output function. These programs can
be included in the tests/demo programs from Xenomai, as you want.

I will also try to add/update the documentation according to the
information needed by these drivers.

Please tell me if this patch can be integrated in the Xenomai
distribution. If there is any problem/issue, just let me know how I
can fix that. Unfortunately, I cannot make a patch against the latest
git revision because I cannot make a checkout : the firewall checks
the http request content and I cannot make a checkout of a source
repository, even if it provides http access ... sorry for that
inconvenience. On the other hand, I don't think there was too many
upgrade in the directory I modified so that this patch might be easily
merged with the current tree.

Hope this might be helpful,

Best regards,

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