On 08/11/2011 04:48 PM, Daniele Nicolodi wrote:
> On 11/08/11 13:43, Daniele Nicolodi wrote:
>> I submitted the debian bug, beside what is the cause of the problem,
>> binaries compiled with gcc-4.6 are not usable, but binaries compiled
>> with gcc-4.4 are. I'm compiling xenomai-head right now (this requires
>> compiling both user space and kernel space, so testing requires some
>> more time). I'll let you know ASAP.
> Hello,
> I compiled linux and xenomai-head with gcc-4.6. The obtained
> kernel boots fine but xenomai services do not: latency hangs right after
> the sched_setscheduler system call. With the same kernel I compiled user
> space with gcc-4.4 and xenomia services work just fine.

Please try and find the point in the latency test where the hang happens
(it probably happens when calling a xenomai service, so, not
sched_setscheduler), and then post the two disassemblies of this service
implementation in libnative.so, the one compiled with 4.4, the other
with 4.6.

> Cheers,


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