On 08/11/2011 07:31 PM, Gilles Chanteperdrix wrote:
> On 08/11/2011 07:21 PM, Roland Stigge wrote:
>> Hi,
>> On 08/11/2011 04:48 PM, Daniele Nicolodi wrote:
>>> I compiled linux and xenomai-head with gcc-4.6. The obtained
>>> kernel boots fine but xenomai services do not: latency hangs right after
>>> the sched_setscheduler system call. With the same kernel I compiled user
>>> space with gcc-4.4 and xenomia services work just fine.
>> I can confirm this now for Debian. Sorry for the delay.
>> Will use gcc-4.4 for building the Debian package for now.
>> Attached is a patch you might like to integrate into the GIT repository
>> for the build environment. 
> Thanks for the patch.
>> BTW: You further don't need all the
>> Makefile.in's under revision control when there's also a Makefile.am.
>> Similarly regarding aclocal.m4 and configure.
> Old debate, we want users to avoid having to install the autotools in
> order to compile from git, so, we put these files under revision
> control. It becomes more and more the sanest solution, as versions of
> the autotools are released which break backward compatibility.

Sorry for the noise in debian bug tracker, I had not seen that it was in CC.


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