On 2011-09-03 04:52, rainbow wrote:
> hi,all,I want to use ftrace in xenomai-2.5.6,but when I use git://
> git.kiszka.org/ipipe.git queues/2.6.35-x86-trace to get the linux
> kernel,there is no option about xenomai or ipipe . If I want to patch the
> xenomai patch,there are some problem. How should I use ftrace on
> xenomai?Thanks!

First of all, make sure to read README.INSTALL in the Xenomai tree for
the basic installation procedure.

That git branch above replaces the installation step of picking a
vanilla Linux source tree and applying the ipipe patch to it (if there
is no ipipe option in the kernel config, you probably haven't check out
the right branch yet).

The next step would be running Xenomai's prepare-kernel.sh, in this case
using a Xenomai tree that has the required ftrace patches, see



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