On 2011-09-04 14:21, rainbow wrote:
> Is the ipipe patch the same as patch like
> adeos-ipipe-,

Except that the trace branch is for 2.6.35, yes. More precisely it is
now the same, I just pushed the latest version that includes two more
backported ipipe fixes.

> I know the latter is xenomai patch
> and after I patch it, I can see "Real-time sub-system  ---> " Option. But If
> I use 2.6.35-x86-trace which contains ,there is no such option.

That menu option is introduced by Xenomai, ie. after running
prepare-kernel.sh. You likely forgot that step.

Note again that you have to use a Xenomai tree with the required ftrace
patches on top if you want Xenomai to generate ftrace events as well.

> Another  problem is that there are so many xenomai gits , how can i download
> the correct git?

By cloning the the git repository you obtain all available branches. You
just need to checkout the desired one afterward.

> I am a newby to xenomai and I am sorry to ask so many questions but I want
> to do something on xenomai :) . Thank you for your detail answers.

Setting up ftrace for Xenomai is not necessarily a newbie task, but I
think I know the background of this. :)


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