The first release candidate for the 2.6.0 version may be downloaded here:


This version fixes a few issues in the 2.5.x branch which required
breaking the ABI:
- user-space heap mapping;
- user-space access to thread mode;
- get threads running with SCHED_OTHER scheduling policy to
automatically return to secondary mode after each primary mode only
system call (except when holding a mutex);
- fix both native and posix condition variables signal handling.

contains a few improvements as well:
- add support for CLOCK_HOST_REALTIME, a real-time clock synchronized
with Linux clock;
- factor proc filesystem handling;
- the "xeno-test" scripts has been simplified and rebased on
"xeno-test-run", which will allow writing custom test scripts;
- add support for sh4 architecture;
- simplify arm user-space configure script;
- move rtdk to libxenomai library, printf is now rt-safe when using the
posix skin;
- add support for pkg-config, the xenomai skin libraries are available
each as a "libxenomai_skin" pkg-config package.



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