On 2011-09-11 12:50, Jan Kiszka wrote:
> Hi all,
> just looked into the hrescnt issue again, specifically the corner case
> of a shadow thread switching from real-time policy to SCHED_OTHER.
> Looks like we don't support this at all ATM:
> do_setsched_event ignores events that enabled SCHED_OTHER, and the
> XNOTHER flag is only set on xnshadow_map, not updated anywhere else.
> Fixing this is not straightforward as that flag resides in a state
> variable that is owned by the thread (ie. updated non-atomically) while
> do_setsched_event can also be called over different contexts.

OK, it just takes nklock to update the thread state.

> Or am I missing something?

From __xnpod_set_thread_schedparam:

"A non-real-time shadow may upgrade to real-time FIFO
scheduling, but the latter may never downgrade to
SCHED_NORMAL Xenomai-wise. In the valid case, we clear
XNOTHER to reflect the change."

What prevents us from setting XNOTHER if the priority drops to 0, i.e.
the Linux task re-enters SCHED_NORMAL (while Xenomai will still schedule
it via its RT class of course)? We cannot deny such a transition on the
Linux side anyway, can we?


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