On 09/18/2011 04:43 PM, Bertold Van den Bergh wrote:
> Hello,
> Thanks for the reply. The timer register has the following layout: bit
> 0-15: reload, bit 16-31: counter. Thats why I put 0xFFFF0000. Looking
> at the code this cannot work so I added an extra field to indicate the
> shift after applying the mask.
> Now the userspace latency test prorgam gives valid latencies, sadly
> it's still -1ms to 3ms latency.
> How should I proceed troubleshooting this?
> Looking at the ipipe trace it looks the task is brought op quite fast
> after the interrupt fires so I think it is set at the wrong time, I'm
> going to look into this.

Note that you probably have not enabled CONFIG_IPIPE_TRACE_MCOUNT, you
should enable it to get more complete traces.


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