Hi List,

I am trying to use ftrace on a P2020 board, using the following :
- Linux 2.6.35-11
- Xenomai (or 2.5.6, same problem)
- ipipe 2.12-01

I launch it using :
$> mkdir /tmp/debug
$> mount -t debugfs nodev /tmp/debug
$> cd /tmp/debug/tracing
$> echo function_graph > current_tracer

The last one fails (it hangs the CPU, I cannot do anything than hard reset).
Do you know what could cause that ?
As I can't have any trace, I don't really know how to go further, and before
using a BDI I would like to know if it is a known issue, as I could not find
anything related to this in the recent changes...

Thanks in advance for your help,
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