On 01/10/11 20:07, Gilles Chanteperdrix wrote:
>> For API / ABI compatibility reasons, I waited a major release before
>> removing the fields idx_{read, write}_subd. I should have thought
>> twice before removing their initializations. I will fix that soon,
>> sorry.
> 2.6 is a new major release, and not out yet, so, if you want to remove
> something, it is still time.

If we are open to some partially backward incompatible changes I propose
to also change the meaning of the a4l_desc_t board_name field, to really
be the board name, instead of the driver name. I find this information
more useful when enumerating devices in my setup.

I would also like to propose a patch to demote some messages, logged at
each interrupt, in the ni_pcimio driver from the info to the debug
level. I run continuous acquisitions and those kernel messages pollute
my syslog with not much added value and fill my disc with redundant


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