Xenomai 2.6.0-rc5 is available at the usual place:

The major change since 2.6.0-rc4 is in analogy drivers sources. A new
patch for the ARM architecture was also added, for kernel 2.6.38,
including patches for imx51 and imx53 using the freescale linux-2.6-imx
git. And finally there are a few minor fixes and cosmetic changes here
and there.

Here is the shortlog:
Alexis Berlemont (1):
      analogy: quick fix to keep the async buffer below 4GB

Daniele Nicolodi (3):
      build: restore building of xeno-config man page
      testsuite: add missing include
      analogy: [ni_pcimio] replace noisy info messages by debug ones

Gilles Chanteperdrix (15):
      wrappers: fix compilation of HOSTRT without TICKDEV
      arm: fix context switch for linux 2.6.38
      testsuite: fix xeno-regression-test help string
      native: free buffer outside critical section in rt_buffer_delete
      arm: fix leftover from 392989f410f10ffc228b974ffe26787dff0734f2
      arm: change help message for --enable-arm-tsc option
      nucleus: change default configuration
      testsuite: fix regression tests location
      Merge remote branch 'alex/analogy'
      arm: upgrade patches
      psos: long/short names issue, take #2
      doc: fix README.INSTALL
      testsuite: various fixes
      build: bootstrap
      doc: regenerate



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