Is it perhaps this way?: 
When the RT-Task migrated into the secondary domain, it is scheduled by the 
-> It inherits the RT-priority from her life in the primary domain and is 
timely priviliged compared to other tasks scheduled by the linux scheduler, 
which have a lower priority.
-> But it can always be preempted by an RT-Task, that runs in the primary 
domain and that is scheduled by the Xenomai Scheduler, because this scheduler 
can preempt all
standard linux kernel activities.
-> Still it is protected from preempting by an Linux interrupt handler, because 
the I-Pipe is block the interrupts.

Date: Sat, 7 Jan 2012 11:43:15 +0100
Subject: [Xenomai-core] Questio about the Xenomai Scheduler

I have a question about the Xenomai scheduler.

Can the Xenomai Scheduler always preempt any operation of the scheduler of the 
standard Linux kernel? What is, when a migrated RT-Task
is currently scheduled by the standard Linux scheduler? Does the Xenomai 
Scheduler can preempt this task too?
Best regards 

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