sorry, but I have also some more questions about Xenomai. It would be very nice 
if you could look at it.
I have a question concerning shared memory areas and message pipes and the 
implementation of the IPC-techniques Message queues and synchronous messaging:
Message queues and synchronous messaging: An heap object, which can be created 
by the function rt_heap_create() (native API), is used to create an address 
space accessible from the user-space and the kernel-space. Does the IPC 
techniques message queues and synchronous messaging use this address space for 
the communication channel?
Shared memory areas: So far as I know, the Xenomai and the standard Linux 
Kernel are connected through the Interrupt-Pipe. In the I-Pipe implementation, 
these two domains share
a single address-space, which can be used when a thread needs to invoke service 
at one point from linux and one point from Xenomai. Is this the address space,
which is used by message pipes too? Because the message pipes can transport 
data between the two domains. Is this term documented somewhere?
Best regards
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