On 02/07/2012 02:01 PM, Gregory CLEMENT wrote:
> Hello,
> I've done the port for AT91SAM9G45 on a AT91SAM9M10G45-EK board. The
> following patch have to be applied on top of the
> adeos-ipipe- patch.
> I also ran latency test under heavy stress using:
> - hackbench to stress the scheduler
> - netcat to stress the Ethernet interface and generate a lot of interrupts
> - ls and dd( reading a /dev/mtdblock and writing on a tmpfs) for global stress
> I join the results I had after running each latency test during 10 hours.
> If the results I get seem the correct could you apply this patch in
> Xenomai?
> Should I also submit this patch to adeos project?

We will merge this patch in the adeos patch, yes. Thanks. Note that
xenomai-2.6.0 provides a "dohell" command in order to generate some
load, and a "xeno-test" script which runs latency under dohell load.

Are the results obtained with or without the FCSE option enabled?


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