On 04/04/2012 11:29 AM, Roberto Bielli wrote:
> Hi Gilles,
> i have always this big problem but the timer and the avic are programmed 
> correctly.
> There is something else but i don't know what.
> In this moment i'm doing another work but soon i want to debug that error.

It is undoubtly a timer ack/program issue. There is no other problem,
the trace is quite clear: the timer is programmed, should tick, but
does not.

I had a look at the imx code again for other reasons, what may be also
missing in __ipipe_mach_acktimer function is a read of the timer status
register. As in:

void __ipipe_mach_acktimer(void)
        uint32_t tstat;

        if (timer_is_v2())
                tstat = __raw_readl(timer_base + V2_TSTAT);
                tstat = __raw_readl(timer_base + MX1_2_TSTAT);


And put that piece of code in mxc_timer_interrupt in the #ifndef

You may also want to issue a register read after programming the
compare register. As in:

void __ipipe_mach_set_dec(unsigned long delay)
         if (delay > mxc_min_delay) {
                 unsigned long tcmp;
                 if (!timer_is_v2()) {
                         tcmp = __raw_readl(timer_base + MX1_2_TCN) + delay;
                         __raw_writel(tcmp, timer_base + MX1_2_TCMP);
                         __raw_readl(timer_base + MX1_2_TCN);
                 } else {
                         tcmp = __raw_readl(timer_base + V2_TCN) + delay;
                         __raw_writel(tcmp, timer_base + V2_TCMP);
                         __raw_readl(timer_base + V2_TCN);
         } else


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