On 05/14/2012 09:55 AM, Roberto Bielli wrote:
> Hi,
> i saw in the documentation that rt_task_create and rt_task_delete should 
> re-scheduling the calling task.

rt_task_create may reschedule the calling task, only "may", not
"should". And it happens in the obvious case: when creating a task with
a higher priority than the current task.

The reason why rt_task_delete may reschedule is documented:
"Native tasks implement a mechanism by which they are immune from
deletion by other tasks while they run into a deemed safe section of
code. This feature is used internally by the native skin in order to
prevent tasks from being deleted in the middle of a critical section,
without resorting to interrupt masking when the latter is not an option.
For this reason, the caller of rt_task_delete() might be blocked and a
rescheduling take place, waiting for the target task to exit such
critical section."

Xenomai online documentation may be found here:

And a local copy is installed when you run xenomai package "make install".


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