Module: xenomai-head
Branch: master
Commit: 764dc12b5e982f53cf7a9ca8fdcdaa68856b353d

Author: Gilles Chanteperdrix <>
Date:   Fri Aug 14 13:20:46 2009 +0200

maint: fix the extract-doc script to work with git


 scripts/maint/extract-doc |   28 ++++++++++++++--------------
 1 files changed, 14 insertions(+), 14 deletions(-)

diff --git a/scripts/maint/extract-doc b/scripts/maint/extract-doc
index 4426161..04ca50b 100755
--- a/scripts/maint/extract-doc
+++ b/scripts/maint/extract-doc
@@ -2,31 +2,31 @@
 set -e
 USAGE="$0 [ -q | -v ] [ -d ] [ -h ] installdir dirs
 Extract Xenomai documentation tree for directories "dirs". Where dirs are taken
-as subdirectories of subversion repository root. Extracted documentation trees
+as subdirectories of git repository root. Extracted documentation trees
 are copied as subdirectories of "installdir".
-For example:
-$0 branches/v2.0.x
+For instance:
+$0 xenomai-2.0
-extracts the generated documentation from the branch/v2.0.x repository
-sub-directory and copy it to
+extracts the generated documentation from the xenomai-2.0 repository
+and copy it to
 -q, --quiet    quiet, print only error messages, suitable for cron jobs.
--v, --verbose  verbose, subversion and rsync operations print file names.
+-v, --verbose  verbose, git and rsync operations print file names.
 -d, --debug    debug, print every command before actually running it.
 -h, --help     print usage and exit.
-SVN="svn -q"
 # Parse command line arguments.
@@ -40,6 +40,7 @@ while :; do
     # Really silent, for cron jobs
     -q|--quiet) ECHO=:
         RSYNC="rsync -q"
+       GIT_CLONE="git-clone -q"
     # Debugging
@@ -85,20 +86,19 @@ cd $tmpdir
 for dir in ${1+"$@"}; do
     $ECHO Checking out Xenomai directory $dir documentation...
-    mkdir -p $dir
-    $SVN export --force $repository/$dir/doc/generated $dir
-    $SVN export --force $repository/$dir/doc/nodist $dir
+    $GIT_CLONE $repository/$dir.git $dir
     $ECHO done.
     $ECHO Changing files and directories modes...
-    find $dir | xargs chmod u=rwX,g=rwX,o=rX
+    find $dir/doc/generated $dir/doc/nodist | xargs chmod u=rwX,g=rwX,o=rX
     $ECHO done.
     $ECHO Copying to $installdir/$dir...
     mkdir -p $installdir/$dir
-    $RSYNC -e ssh -prltgDz --delete --delete-after $dir/ $installdir/$dir/
+    $RSYNC -e ssh -prltgDz --delete --delete-after $dir/doc/generated/ 
$dir/doc/nodist/ $installdir/$dir/
     $ECHO done.
 cd ..
 rm -Rf $tmpdir

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