Module: xenomai-head
Branch: master
Commit: 2b66eb3839defc67f60ca75f73b4437c6023411f

Author: Philippe Gerum <>
Date:   Mon Jun  7 19:48:04 2010 +0200

rtai: mark as deprecated

Keeping this emulator does not make much sense anymore. Most people
who ported to Xenomai already moved to either the native or POSIX

Additionally, this kernel-only emulator has no future in the next
Xenomai architecture, and it is very unlikely that anyone would bother
writing an LXRT emulator for Xenomai.

The RTAI emulator is scheduled for removal in Xenomai 2.6.x.


 ksrc/skins/rtai/Kconfig |    7 ++++++-
 1 files changed, 6 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

diff --git a/ksrc/skins/rtai/Kconfig b/ksrc/skins/rtai/Kconfig
index 5c6a701..ac411eb 100644
--- a/ksrc/skins/rtai/Kconfig
+++ b/ksrc/skins/rtai/Kconfig
@@ -1,10 +1,15 @@
 menuconfig XENO_SKIN_RTAI
        depends on XENO_OPT_NUCLEUS
-       tristate "RTAI emulator"
+       tristate "RTAI emulator (DEPRECATED)"
        An emulator of the RTAI system.
+       WARNING: This emulator is DEPRECATED. It is planned for
+       removal in v2.6.x. Legacy applications depending on it should
+       be converted to the native Xenomai API, which provides
+       equivalent features, and more.

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