Module: xenomai-jki
Branch: for-forge
Commit: da90d666afa8d7919628dc6ee53db86c30aac277

Author: Jan Kiszka <>
Date:   Thu Nov 27 16:47:13 2014 +0100

regd: Switch to /var/run as default mountpoint root

Creating directories in a user/admin-owned and typically persistent
filesystem for the purpose of mounting volatile filesystems on top is
a suboptimal default. Today /run should be used for such purposes, but
older distros may only expose the current FHS standard /var/run. So use
that instead.

This comes with the advantage that we will now typically work against
tmpfs, thus won't stumble if / is read-only.

Signed-off-by: Jan Kiszka <>


 doc/asciidoc/MIGRATION.adoc           |    2 +-
 doc/asciidoc/README.APPLICATIONS.adoc |    6 +++---
 doc/asciidoc/README.INSTALL.adoc      |    4 ++--
 lib/copperplate/internal.h            |    2 +-
 4 files changed, 7 insertions(+), 7 deletions(-)

diff --git a/doc/asciidoc/MIGRATION.adoc b/doc/asciidoc/MIGRATION.adoc
index c837925..72206bf 100644
--- a/doc/asciidoc/MIGRATION.adoc
+++ b/doc/asciidoc/MIGRATION.adoc
@@ -104,7 +104,7 @@ filesystem.  The hierarchy of the Xenomai registry is 
organized as
-    /mount-point            /* registry fs root, defaults to /mnt/xenomai */
+    /mount-point            /* registry fs root, defaults to /var/run/xenomai*/
         /session            /* shared session name or "anon" */
             /pid            /* application (main) pid */
                /skin        /* API name: alchemy/vxworks/psos/... */
diff --git a/doc/asciidoc/README.APPLICATIONS.adoc 
index 4474a04..02a6ae3 100644
--- a/doc/asciidoc/README.APPLICATIONS.adoc
+++ b/doc/asciidoc/README.APPLICATIONS.adoc
@@ -72,13 +72,13 @@ link:installing-xenomai-3-x[configuration switch]).
        Tells Xenomai to root the object registry at the given path,
-       instead of +/mnt/xenomai+ by default (see the
+       instead of +/var/run/xenomai+ by default (see the
        +--enable-registry+ switch from the configuration options).
        This switch disables registry support at runtime. No real-time
-       objects will be exported to +/mnt/xenomai/<session>.<pid>+,
+       objects will be exported to +/var/run/xenomai/<session>.<pid>+,
        despite the registry code was compiled in.
@@ -111,7 +111,7 @@ link:installing-xenomai-3-x[configuration switch]).
        This label is also used to form the registry mount point for
-       each process, e.g. +/mnt/xenomai/<session>.<pid>+. See
+       each process, e.g. +/var/run/xenomai/<session>.<pid>+. See
        +--enable-registry+ from the build options.
diff --git a/doc/asciidoc/README.INSTALL.adoc b/doc/asciidoc/README.INSTALL.adoc
index 658a49a..14dc614 100644
--- a/doc/asciidoc/README.INSTALL.adoc
+++ b/doc/asciidoc/README.INSTALL.adoc
@@ -413,14 +413,14 @@ Generic configuration options (both cores)
        When this option is enabled, the system creates a file
-       hierachy under `/mnt/xenomai/<session>.<pid>` (by default),
+       hierachy under `/var/run/xenomai/<session>.<pid>` (by default),
        where you can access the internal state of the active
        real-time objects. The session label is obtained from the
        --session runtime switch. E.g. looking at the properties of a
        VxWorks task could be done as follows:
-               $ cat /mnt/xenomai/anon.12656/vxworks/tasks/windTask 
+               $ cat /var/run/xenomai/anon.12656/vxworks/tasks/windTask
                name       = windTask
                errno      = 0
                status     = ready
diff --git a/lib/copperplate/internal.h b/lib/copperplate/internal.h
index 380b522..47ffe68 100644
--- a/lib/copperplate/internal.h
+++ b/lib/copperplate/internal.h
@@ -30,7 +30,7 @@
 #include <boilerplate/sched.h>
 #include <copperplate/heapobj.h>
-#define DEFAULT_REGISTRY_ROOT          "/mnt/xenomai"
+#define DEFAULT_REGISTRY_ROOT          "/var/run/xenomai"
 #define DEFAULT_REGISTRY_SESSION       "anon"
 struct coppernode {

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