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Author: Philippe Gerum <>
Date:   Mon Nov  2 15:41:31 2015 +0100

cobalt/arch: fixup READMEs


 kernel/cobalt/arch/arm64/patches/README |   16 ----------------
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diff --git a/kernel/cobalt/arch/arm64/patches/README 
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index fd85e06..0000000
--- a/kernel/cobalt/arch/arm64/patches/README
+++ /dev/null
@@ -1,16 +0,0 @@
--- arch/arm64/patches
-Xenomai needs special kernel support to deliver fast and deterministic
-response time to external interrupts, and also to provide real-time
-services highly integrated with the standard Linux kernel.
-This support is provided by the interrupt pipeline (aka I-pipe) in the
-form of a kernel patch you have to apply against a vanilla kernel
-tree, before you attempt to compile the Xenomai codebase against the
-latter kernel.
-The Xenomai arm64 port is work in progress. The I-pipe support for
-this architecture is exclusively available from this development tree
-at the moment:
-git://, branch devel/ipipe-3.18-linaro-arm64.

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