Hi, everyone,

My board is advantech MIO-5251 (J1900 version), linux kernel version is 4.1.18,

xenomai version is 3.0.3. As mentioned before, the real-time performance I got was

not good.

But I found something here: http://rtt-lwr.readthedocs.io/en/latest/rtpc/xenomai.html.

After "i915.enable_rc6=0 i915.modset=1 noapic" was added to the kernel command

line, the real-time performance improved a lot, which means latency tests (-t0, t1, t2)

has no overruns (less than 80us) in 13+ hours, but when other real-time applications

was running, overruns occurred sometimes.

I found that "intel_powerclamp" "intel_rapl" was in the "lsmod" list. After I removed them,

real-time performance of the system is quite good now.

I found configs below exist in the original .config file, except "CONFIG_CPU_THERMAL". These

configs do not appear on the official website as far as I know. Is it necessary to disable them to

improve real-time performance?

Generic Thermal sysfs driver

Fair-share thermal governor

Step_wise thermal governor

User_space thermal governor

generic cpu cooling support

Thermal emulation mode support

Intel PowerClamp idle injection driver

By the way, I found my two Ethernet cards and the can board have the same interrupt number.I removed the igb module.

Is it possible to assign interrupt numbers manuallly? When I started from different kernels, the number is not the same.

Good luck!

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