On 10/14/2016 11:45 AM, pierre.roumag...@free.fr wrote:
> Hello
> I am currently working on a project running with xenomai 3.0.3 and using 
> alchemy skin.
> My context :
>  - i need to use several large size queue using rt_queue_create (more than 
> 1Mbytes each)
>  - rt_queue_create does not work if i do not set --mem-pool-size option (we 
> use 256M value) 
> My problem:
>  even if i generate a empty application:
> int main(int argc,char**argv)
> {
>    return 0;
> }
>  my computer free memory drop of 256 MBytes at each application run which is 
> really bothersome when debbuging.
> Since i do not need shared memory, i have tried to used rt_heap_create / 
> rt_heap_delete inside my application.
> But with this solution i cannot create a heap more than 1MBytes which is not 
> sufficient for my case.
> My question is :
>  is there a mean to release shared heap memory ? 
>  or may be i do not correctly use rt_queue_create?

There seem to be multiple aspects in the issue you describe:

- heap sizes are limited to 2Gb, not 1Mb. 1Mb is the default size of the
memory pool when not specified on the command line via --mem_pool_size;
you could use the trick below to change this value:

- the fact that your memory pool does not disappear on exit of your
application can only happen in shared mode (--enable-pshared), in that
case the shared pool lives in /dev/shm, consuming pure RAM. The heap may
be left over if your application exits ungracefully and no support for
shared registry is present (--disable-registry). In that case, the
atexit() hook cannot run to clean up the heap, and the registry daemon
won't be there to do this housekeeping work either. A solution for this
situation would be running some out of line cleanup of /dev/shm before
starting an application (maybe from within the application itself).


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