Hi community,

I’m a Xenomai newby and I’m trying to install Xenomai 3.0.3 on my i.MX6
based board (kernel 4.1.15 from NXP).

So I followed the “Installing Xenomai 3.x” chapter in Xenomai.org site and
began to download ipipe-core-4.1.18-arm-8.patch.

Since my kernel is not 4.1.18 but 4.1.15, I had to slightly adapt the
patch to make it fit.

Then I ran prepare-kernel.sh that tells me everything was OK.

Finally I successfully compiled kernel (and saw a few ipipe and xenomai
source files were built with into kernel).

However, when I boot on that newly built kernel there is absolutely no
xenomai nor ipipe logs into kernel boot logs, and no /proc/xenomai at all.

I must have missed something or doing something wrong, but I don’t see.

==> Did somebody successfully run Xeno 3.0.3 on i.MX6 ?

==> What am I doing wrong ?




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