On 02/02/2018 09:51 AM, Julien Blanc wrote:
I'm trying to use multiplexing wih rtcan sockets (using
xeno_can_flexcan driver).

Unfortunately, i had no luck yet to make it work. __RT(select) fails
with ENODEV error, while __RT(poll) returns a POLLERR event.

poll() is not implemented by libcobalt, only select() so far, so I would be surprised that __RT(poll()) had ever been called. The regular poll() service from the glibc may have been.

Is it unsupported, or am i doing something wrong ? (like a missing
parameter). Sample code to reproduce the issue is attached.

The RTCAN stack predates the implementation of select(), and was never updated to provide this, hence ENODEV. If somebody volunteers to provide this, this should likely go into the code implementing the raw CAN socket.


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