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> on 02/02/18 we had an open community meeting in Brussels to discuss
> topics around Xenomai. Both the recent development as well as plans for
> the future.

Thanks for the summary - it's a pity I was not able to attend.

> - open questions:
>  Will issues, pull-request and wikis from gitlab be open?

I think it would be beneficial to provide open access to registered
users, so everybody can contribute with minimal effort.  The
registration (and verification of the provided email address) is
necessary to avoid spammers / wiki trolls.

>  Will the website move into gitlab?

Otherwise we will find ways to host that, too.

>   - usage stats could be extracted from our website, downloads,
>     mailinglists

We have to be very careful here.  German law is pretty strict about
what you can (or rather must not) do with such data...

>    - for now we do not look at that and try to not be nosy

I can't parse that?

>    - usage stats could be very useful for users as well
>     - get an idea how popular Xenomai is
>     - where in the world
>     - which versions especially

I doubt this will actually work.  In my experience, there is a
pretty large base of users who intentionally do NOT advertise their
use of Xenomai.

> Testing:
> --------
> - with the new hoster we will have gitlab-ci to control or run all
>   sorts of tests
> - at the end we would like to have all that in CI:
>   - compile tests for all arches and multiple configs
>   - full OS image generation for testing on reference boards
>   - functional testing "smokey"
>   - performance testing ("latency", "switch-test" etc. combined with
>     stress, dd, ...)

Heiko Schocher has such a system up and running for a few boards of
our customers; it is based on his tbot test framework.  It's nothing too
sophisticated yet, but at least he builds the images, runs the
latency test, makes sure there are no overruns and verifies that a
max value is not exceeded.  Heiko even generates some grpahics using
gnuplot and includes this into the automatically generated PDF

Sorry, I can't show an example here as thi is customer specific, but
the test cases itself are free, see [1].

[We use a Yocto meta layer for Xenomai here.  This is pretty generic
and has actually been submitted to mainline, but the steering
committee still has to decide if there is interest to add it :-( ]

> - we will have to divide and conquer and start with the low-hanging
>   fruits like compile-only

Runtime tests are cheap as well if you find tbot [2], [3] is good
enough for your purposes.  You can also run these under Jenins etc.
easily [4]. I will ask Heiko to get this running on a BBB as well so
we could even show it on the tbot2go setup [5]. Give me a week,


> - all testing infrastructure should be open, ideally contributers
>   should be able to use it as well, or at least see the reports
> - Gilles used to run a CI that could do a lot of the above
>  - but that was pretty custom and would be hard to use/maintain without
>    Gilles ... given the code can still be found

If you have a board to run the tests on, you can easily set up all
needed infrastructure to use tbot for these purposes.  If you don't
already have hardware that allows for remote console access and
remote power cycling you can follow the tbot2go example for less
than 100 Euro (and by just adding more relays, you can use one such
setup for several boards, of course).

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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