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> case we change our mind ... at the meeting there was a comment by Karim,
> where he suggested to use google analytics.


> That is the situation today, which does not mean that we need to
> respect that wish. If you really want to disguise your use of Xenomai
> you need to take your own measures (i.e. subscribe with your gmail and
> do not download from your company network etc.). Catering for such
> anonymous use is not our job.

This sounds as if you suggest to harvest and use/publish data
against the recognizable intent of the users.  Just to make this
clear: not on our servers.  Yes, the data may be interesting, but my
respect for the wishes, needs and rights of our users is more
important to me.

> Here i hear yet another wish to establish a regular community event.
> Maybe a topic worth stating a new thread on.

I agree.  Meting in person is always much more efficient than other

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