In general, i used ftrace to figure out latency sources, below is what i did, you can give it a try

trace-cmd start -e irq -e sched -e timer -p function -l '*spin*'; cyclictest -p 90 -m -c 0 -n -i 100 -h 100 -q -l 1000000 -a -b 80 --tracemark
trace-cmd extract
trace-cmd report -l > your_tracecmd_report.txt

On 2020年06月29日 09:08, sunner.xu--- via Xenomai wrote:

  Dear  all,

         I have do something in xenomai3 latency 
program(linux4.9.24+xenomai3.0.5 and close all function that affect real-time).

        and found that it run about 41mins , a big overrun is happen as follows:

     1) why the big overrun happen event cpu occupy is low(40%)?
     2) how can solve the problem, and trace the big overrun?


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