Dear all,

I am typesetting a memoir in Marathi using package Polyglossia. I found
that the package Background behaves strangely when used with XeLaTeX.

I am attaching an example in English which is clearly a (La)TeX file (I can
send the file that uses Polyglossia if needed). I want two vertical lines
on the left and right side of the page (attachment- Background-LaTeX). When
I use the package background and run LaTeX, I get the desired output.
However, when I run XeLaTeX on the same file, I get a displaced lines.
Moreover, I tried to place the lines by trial and error method, but, it
seems that the distortion is not linear.

Could some please explain how to use this package to get what I want, or
some other way to achieve my goal?

Thank you in advance.

With best regards,

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