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- How many pictures of which size did you copy 
For last test I did that details:
- 74 items, totalling 969.1 MB
- which is a mix of jpg and mp4
- including one mp4 of 675 MB

I did another without videos. Still same.That represent 57 files and 174MB.

- Does it crash on every copy for the specified amount of pictures, or just
occasionally  ?
yes every copy except when containing only no-multimedia files so far

- Which view is used ( detailed view / compact view  / icon view) ?
icon view with and without preview

- How do you trigger the copy ? Select all files and press CTRL +C + CTRL+V ?
Drag and drop ? Or copy the folder ?
Select all files or folder then CTRL +C + CTRL+V 

For me that more related to the "progressing copy box". When this one appears
that crashes at the end of the copy. Also the copy ends correctly. FIles are

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